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Rising To The Occasion: Ben Wheatley's Cinematic Baker's Dozen
Ian Schultz , March 17th, 2016 07:32

Ahead of the release of his JG Ballard adaptation High-Rise, director Ben Wheatley talks Ian Schultz through his 13 all-time favourite films


The Devils (Ken Russell, 1971)

The Devils to me stands alone in Russell’s work. It has the fierceness and craziness of his movies but it also has a seriousness and an intensity that isn’t in his other movies. Also the Derek Jarman art design is incredible. The performances, certainly from Oliver Reed, who’s one of my favourite actors, is something to behold. The first time I saw it in the cinema was in Austin during Fantastic Fest, and all these people who had never even heard of it before were gasping and trying to come to terms with what they were seeing for the first time. That was a really interesting experience!