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PJ Harvey Upsets D.C. Politicians
Christian Eede , March 16th, 2016 15:27

Musician's presentation of D.C. neighbourhood earns harsh words from local politicians

Last week, PJ Harvey shared ‘The Community Of Hope’, another taste of her forthcoming album The Hope Six Demolition Project. Taking inspiration from a number of areas Harvey visited during the making of the album, this latest song is based on Ward 7, an underdeveloped neighbourhood in Washington D.C.

In the song, Harvey describes Ward 7 thusly: “Now this is just drug town, just zombies / But that’s Just life.” This has irked some politicians in the D.C. area who gave their views on the lyrics to DCist. Former mayor Vince Gray, running for the city council seat, had the most strong views on the track saying: “I will not dignify this inane composition with a response.” Meanwhile, his campaign treasurer said: “PJ Harvey is to music what Piers Morgan is to cable news.”

Grant Thompson, a former Congressional staffer who is also running for the city council seat, was less harsh, saying that Harvey “needs to see more of the city”. The Hope Six Demolition Project is out on April 15.