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Baker's Dozen

Th1rt3en Best: Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth's Favourite Albums
Mark Eglinton , March 16th, 2016 12:19

Continuing our celebration of three decades since 1986 marked a pivotal moment for thrash, the co-founder, singer and guitarist of one of the "Big Four" gives Mark Eglinton a rundown of his most formative records


Scorpions – Lovedrive
Come on, 'Another Piece Of Meat'! What a great song with a cool solo. And 'Lovedrive' itself has such a great attitude. When you listen to Klaus Meine's lyrics on this record, they were probably the coolest of all of theirs. When you gravitate to love song-type lyrics, you run the risk of alienating part of your fan base if you go there too much. Not a lot of guys want to be hanging out and lifting weights to love songs. A song, to me, should be something that makes you want to fight or have sex. It should make you feel so charged that you need to let it loose. Visually, from the second you looked at the cover, you knew it was dangerous. Virgin Killer went a little too far maybe – a little too gnarly. But using controversial artwork to help sell your album when your music is that fabulous… I'm all for that.