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Th1rt3en Best: Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth's Favourite Albums
Mark Eglinton , March 16th, 2016 12:19

Continuing our celebration of three decades since 1986 marked a pivotal moment for thrash, the co-founder, singer and guitarist of one of the "Big Four" gives Mark Eglinton a rundown of his most formative records


Queen – A Night At The Opera
I get all the Queen records mixed up because there are so many neat songs but there never was, in my opinion, a consistent groove to one of the records where you could clearly identify a distinct period during those first few. But the operatic approach to Queen totally changed how I viewed heavy rock and I still think that Brian May was ahead of his time with his weird picking, guitar tones and harmonies. Of the later Queen material, I was listening to 'Who Wants To Live Forever' the other day and Freddie's voice – every time I hear it, my eyes fill up. It's so incredibly emotional and that's what we, as musicians, want to elicit from the listener. Freddie and Queen were such a huge part of my life.