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Baker's Dozen

Taking Out The Thrash: Scott Ian Of Anthrax's Top Albums From 1986
JR Moores , March 8th, 2016 10:22

To mark 30 years since 1986, a pivotal moment for metal, Anthrax main man Scott Ian talks JR Moores through his 13 top albums from that year, moving from thrash classics through to landmark hip-hop and pop releases


AC/DC – Who Made Who
[This collection of old and new songs acted as the soundtrack album to the Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive]

A terrible movie. That's not what we're here to talk about, obviously. Oddly enough, we had invited Stephen King to a show on that run, I guess when we were going through Maine, and he actually faxed us back, thanking us so much for the invite but he was on the set of the movie Maximum Overdrive, based on his short story 'Trucks', in North Carolina, so he couldn't make it. I still have a copy of that fax somewhere.

This isn't even really a new AC/DC record. 'Who Made Who' was a new song but it's basically a compilation thing. Because it was AC/DC and it came out in 1986, I had to include it.