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Rigour And Play: Laurie Anderson's Favourite Films
Mat Colegate , January 22nd, 2016 09:27

On a recent visit to London the performance artist, director and musician took time out to talk about her 13 favourite films with Mat Colegate


Tokyo Story (Yasujiro Ozu, 1953)

I love films about disappointment. These people don't realise that their kids are just deadbeats and that they're not going to pay any attention to them at all. It's shown in excruciating detail, their heartlessness. I find that particular film beautiful also because Ozu is able to make small rooms feel like stages. It's a kind of Japanese tragedy. You can see it coming and you can see it happening and everyone's looking straight at it but they can't avoid it. Even knowing what the consequences are they can't act differently. I find that completely heartbreaking and really beautiful and very true to life. In its detail it's very beautiful.