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Baker's Dozen

You Got Soul: Norman Jay's Favourite Singles
Yousif Nur , January 20th, 2016 10:42

After releasing his latest Good Times compilation last year, the DJ talks Yousif Nur through the early musical experiences that shaped his taste, from northern soul nights to crate-digging for 7"s, in picking his top 13 records


Dayton – 'Meet The Man'
When you're in New York in the summer and you hear a record such as this being played, it's really something else. Back in 1982 I bought my first beatbox, which I still own today. You'd also hear songs like 'Meet The Man' on WBOF Radio and, my god, it would blow your mind. You couldn't wait to get to the record shop and buy these songs! You'd come back home and look for somewhere to play them and there'd be nowhere except the Notting Hill Carnival. That's why records such as these became synonymous with the early '80s roller disco scenes, if you like.