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Baker's Dozen

Pin Ups: A David Bowie Baker's Dozen Compilation
Laurie Tuffrey , January 12th, 2016 14:37

In the wake of the great man's passing, we bring together all the times his albums have been featured in our favourite 13 LPs feature, including contributions from Paul Weller, Gary Numan, Brett Anderson and more


Alan McGee - Diamond Dogs
Arguably his best record, which is a fucking big argument, because he didn't make a bad record between The Man Who Sold The World and Let's Dance. For me he's the most influential artist. I don't think I actually come out of punk, I think I come out of glam. I think punk enabled me to be a guy who had an indie label: Johnny Rotten and Malcolm McLaren - and later on people like Tony Wilson and Geoff Travis - made it possible for people like me to exist. But I think I'm a child of glam, not punk. I'm a child of T. Rex and Slade and Bowie, and if you said to me, who's your favourite artist, it would be Bowie. I was 11 when Diamond Dogs came out, and you know, "This ain't rock & roll, this is genocide!", 'Sweet Thing', and 'Rock 'N' Roll With Me' - it's just beautiful, it's just an incredible record. I know it's particular to the human being, but to me Bowie's probably the strongest musical influence that I've ever encountered.