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Evergreen Thirteen: Will Young's Favourite Albums
Ian Wade , January 6th, 2016 10:09

Following the release of his sixth album, 85% Proof, last year the singer-songwriter changes into some comfortable trousers and talks Ian Wade through his 13 all-time favourite records


David Bowie - David Live
An odd one and another charity shop purchase actually, and another one that would be played at house parties. The musicianship on it is incredible. It's not the best recorded record, and a lot of things were redubbed apparently, and not massively well reviewed from what I can gather. The first half of the tour had been Spiders From Mars and then he came back with the artwork for Young Americans and he was moving towards things all the time. It's the tour that's featured in Cracked Actor - although I hadn't seen that when I first heard the album. I remember watching him come out across the crowd on a crane on the phone and that was amazing.

He's got some amazing musicians on it too, with Michael Kamen who was the MD on it, and he's a legend, so that alone was great. And the most incredible piano parts too. Apparently the story goes that there was a mutiny backstage when the management hadn't told the musicians that they were doing a live recording and would only be paying them the standard $70 fee for a performance. And so they all said that they weren't going on, and so 20 minutes before they went on they agreed to $500 and I wonder if you can hear that incentive in the performance. For some reason I really noticed the band on that record and they really stand out.