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Dr. Manhattan: Jeffrey Lewis' Favourite Comics
Aug Stone , December 15th, 2015 10:22

Aug Stone talks to the NYC musician and comic book creator about bizarre autobiographies, superheroes and (SPOILER) a whole lot of Alan Moore, as he finishes his UK tour in support of new album, Manhattan


Ben Snakepit - Snakepit
I briefly lived in Austin, Texas from 2000 to 2001. Ben Snakepit was a guy who was doing autobiographical comics there at that time. I was doing similar comics but he's continued doing his thing every single day for the past 15 years. He does three panels every day and it's very punk rock. Almost nothing happens but I find it just completely entertaining and addictive and I love following it. His style of putting his life forward is really what makes it work. Little repeating things - the way he's always so happy when it comes to getting paid at the end of the week for all these really low-class jobs that he does… None of it makes any real sense to describe, because there's very little worth describing in it, but as an experience of reading you get very quickly engrossed in it. It's very different from most other comics because he's not a comic book nerd. He's living the life of being in punk bands and getting drunk at parties. The comic is just this mission that he's on every day to make these three panels.

I also like how he lists what he's listening to at the time of each strip. The records are such a weird bizarre assortment of different sorts of bands and music. And of course because he's doing one strip every single day, there's a huge list. Plus I really like his tastes in music. The weird things that are always unexpectedly popping up in his listening habits, that's a big part of the entertaining aspect of reading Snakepit. There's certainly bands that I wouldn't have heard of, like a lot of death metal or crusty punk, if he hadn't listed it. And now I recognise the names. It's a really fun comic that I will gladly continue reading as long as he keeps doing it.