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The Essence And The Purity: Rob Halford Of Judas Priest's Favourite LPs
Alex Macrow , December 2nd, 2015 12:59

With their Redeemer Of Souls tour bound for Scandinavia after wrapping up the UK leg at Brixton Academy last night, the heavy metal veterans' singer takes Alex Macrow through his top 13 "game changers" of rock & roll


Dio - Holy Diver
Again, I love absolute everything that Ronnie did, from Elf to Sabbath, but it's his voice that drew me to this record because it's so magical and so unique. He was a very accomplished all-round musician though. When you look at his body of work it's just tremendous, but this is certainly one of his best. I love singers that mean what they're singing and have power behind them, and Ronnie meant it. This album is proof that you don't always need to just scream your tits off to make a point. The title track is the standout song on this album for me. If you look at any artist who has had the grace and fortune to be successful for a long period of time there are certain songs that stand out even on greatest hits compilations, but I own a Dio compilation and every song on it is as good as the last.

I was involved in a tribute record after Ronnie's death to raise money for his charity. It was a great thing to do, and there were so many talented people involved in it. It just proved that everybody loved Ronnie. Not only did he create some amazing music, but he was a fantastic human being. People were lining up to do that record and by the time I agreed there weren't that many songs left to choose from.