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Footage At The Borderlands: Horror Writer Adam Nevill's Cinematic Baker's Dozen
Sean Kitching , November 28th, 2015 07:33

With his new novel 'Lost Girl' out now, horror author Adam Nevill recommends his favourite recent horror films to Sean Kitching. You are going to want to work through this list.


The Taking Of Deborah Logan (Adam Robitel, 2014)

Even if it verged on becoming two different films fighting to get out of the same sack, this first film by Adam Robitel is one of few films that, while riding the scaly tail of The Exorcist, actually captured some of that masterpiece's spirit and effects. And through sound as much as anything else (you need the subtitles on at times). The use of sound, as a primary tool of unease, needed far more restraint in the second half, as did the touches of hocus pocus, but neither succeeded in spoiling the story's chilling tone and its horror-of-dementia theme. Why aren't there more on this subject as it's so prevalent today?

There's an inventive use of digital film making too, that was found footage in feel, and it really helped what was, at times, an already uncomfortable, sad and pretty horrifying first half. Overall, it maintained tension and put the wind up me a few times too, which isn't easy these days. I was unsure of the end first time around, and found it confusing enough to need to rewind the DVD about three times (which says more about my tired mind than the film). I then thought the ending much stronger and more horrific on a second viewing, when the visual and sensory chaos suddenly worked. Reminiscent of Borderlands, and Legion (AKA The Exorcist III).

The lead, Jill Larson, puts in a terrific performance, and though her character is mentally ill and aged, she is a tragic and terrifying character throughout. A keeper for me.