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Footage At The Borderlands: Horror Writer Adam Nevill's Cinematic Baker's Dozen
Sean Kitching , November 28th, 2015 07:33

With his new novel 'Lost Girl' out now, horror author Adam Nevill recommends his favourite recent horror films to Sean Kitching. You are going to want to work through this list.


The Borderlands (Eliot Goldner, 2013)

A story full of old school pagan and occult British chills. Very tense final third too (the section in which I most often lose interest in a horror film).

I've been a fan of found footage since The Blair Witch Project and I have refused to believe the genre has exhausted its potential. The way the footage is recorded here in this film is clever. Do not fear shaky handcams as the film doesn't rely upon them. It may appear to be a possession story, enlivened by Vatican politics, but it's actually a story about something much older, before Christ came to the British Isles. So there's a whole new dimension of a horror that is more cosmic and worse than the merely Satanic within this film.

Even better on a second viewing too.