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Footage At The Borderlands: Horror Writer Adam Nevill's Cinematic Baker's Dozen
Sean Kitching , November 28th, 2015 07:33

With his new novel 'Lost Girl' out now, horror author Adam Nevill recommends his favourite recent horror films to Sean Kitching. You are going to want to work through this list.


The Pact (Nicholas McCarthy, 2012)

Very good supernatural horror film, powered by an engaging mystery. What I admired about this film was how the odd beat elements all meshed successfully in a horror story: a sun-bleached California setting, a newish house with bad wallpaper, the use of technology to move the story, a tough girl with a motorbike, the crazy end credits ... none of the various parts seemed an easy fit with the atmosphere of horror, but all integrated so well together to give the film a distinctive tone. Couple of scenes also really gave me the widdershins too.