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Plex BleeD Them Preview Playlist
Luke Turner , November 5th, 2015 13:21

Prepare to lose thy mynd at Corsica tomorrow

We at The Quietus have started using this annual monster techno bash at Corsica Studios to reset our annual clocks. Never mind apple bobbing, clocks changing, leaves falling and all that crap - it's Plex and friends' annual stomp-off that tells us autumn is here and the long dark slide towards the death of the year is truly underway.

For the second year running, Plex are teaming up with BleeD and Them for a preposterously heavy line-up that features Paula Temple, Objekt, our own Chrononautz, Ancient Methods, Svreca, Xosar, Dronelock, Mick Wills, Peder Mannerfelt, Hodge, Manni Dee, Shelley Parker, Skunkrock and The Sprawl - a collaboration between MUMDANCE, Logos and Shapednoise. There'll of course also be sets from residents James Tec, Luke Handsfree and Volte-Face. Oh pity us, sweet angels. There are some final remaining tickets on RA here, get yourselves in the mood with a playlist of tracks guaranteed to turn your skull inside out and give it a light toasting above. Hit play to begin &c.

Ancient Methods: Cabaret Voltaire - 'Universal Energy'

"This is trance!"

Skunkrock: DJ Skull - 'Target Kill'

"Rapid and unrelenting classic acid jam, smoke and strobes lets go..."

Paula Temple: Peder Mannerfelt - 'Acid Drop'

"No youtube link for that sadly, not sure what to do?" [stick it on tomorrow when the ground is falling away - ED]

Luke Handsfree: Emmanuel Top - 'Somewhere'

"Building acid belter, intensity aplenty ;)"

James Tec: Ontal - 'Penetration'

"Visceral, intense & completely unrelenting throughout..a track that epitomises Plex for me"

SVRECA: Family Sex - ‘Manbait (Regis Version)’

"One of the latest Karl output from one of his first works. I can feel many influences which I find now essential in my sets too"

Peder Mannerfelt: General Noise - 'Rotterdam Subway'

"A great track to start the night with, or end it. Could easily get a few rewinds in the middle as well."

VOLTE-FACE: Heiko Laux - ‘Liquidism Part 1'

"Such a relentless track, which gets more hypnotic the longer it rolls out. One of several classics I hope to play in my closing set."

DEBONAIR: Shock - 'R.E.R.B.'

"This is one of my all-time favourite tracks, it chugs along with a sinister synth melody that gradually layers and builds into an epic, gothic-sounding beauty."

Chloe Frieda: Greg Beato - 'PMA'

"This track is superb, the sleazy bassline and beat combo is difficult to resist."

Mick Wills: ‘5XOD - Negativ Terminal Data'

Originally this track was released on the "Yum Yum Music" cassette by Five Times Of Dust in 1984. Thanks to the Barcelona based label Domestica it's finally available on vinyl after more then 30 years The whole track is built up on five bars instead of four. So it has a slightly arrhythmic touch, that i really like. The monotone bassline, those weird (but not too weird) melodies and effects, the strange voices in the back and the lyrics sung through the VSC ring modulator… all this in combination makes the track very special and unique. And I'm pretty sure if it hits the dance floor at the right time… the club will be on fire.