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LISTEN: New My Disco LP
Luke Turner , October 22nd, 2015 19:56

Melbourne's finest return with new LP

Britain! This will get your Thursday evening going. Australia! How about a listen to the above alongside your long black or whatever it is you call coffee these days to kickstart Friday? Everywhere else - get with the programme. As regular readers will know, My Disco are one of The Quietus' favourite groups, their powerfully minimal, driving rock music in a constant state of flux, even as it runs you down. Their new album Severe is one of the finest records of this autumn and tomorrow (Friday October 23rd) will receive the prestigious new Lead Review accolade on The Quietus. Says our Mat Colegate in the forthcoming piece, "My Disco have taken the boiled-to-its-very-essence art rock of precursors such as This Heat and Big Black and compacted and crushed it into a near expressionless statement of stark terror and sublimity. Through its stripped back rigour and commitment to its own logic, it has managed to encapsulate the moment where the indifferent face of the void sends you running and crying to any God that will hear you. Its palette is tiny – voice, drums, bass, guitar, silence – but it is as focussed and as affecting as any pop song or any symphony." While you await the rest of his words tomorrow have a listen to the brilliant Severe via our stream on Soundcloud above. You can buy Severe from the Temporary Residence shop here.