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Baker's Dozen

Oxygène Of Collaboration: Jean-Michel Jarre's Favourite Albums
Yousif Nur , October 20th, 2015 10:53

As he releases his first new material in eight years, the French composer, producer and laser harp maestro talks Yousif Nur through a Baker's Dozen of LPs by artists who shaped or collaborated on his Electronica albums


Rone - Tohu Bohu
Rone is maybe not known to many people. He's a relative newcomer and you're going to hear about him a lot. He too has a Pink Floyd approach and is in the vein of an impressionist electronic musician/artist. Rone is as important to me as Air. He's a very interesting and poetic person, as is his album Tohu Bohu. He knows how to build tension almost like a DJ would. This is his second album. Rone has another called Creatures, which I like, but Tohu Bohu is more interesting to me.