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Baker's Dozen

Oxygène Of Collaboration: Jean-Michel Jarre's Favourite Albums
Yousif Nur , October 20th, 2015 10:53

As he releases his first new material in eight years, the French composer, producer and laser harp maestro talks Yousif Nur through a Baker's Dozen of LPs by artists who shaped or collaborated on his Electronica albums


Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery
Jeff Lynne for me is more than just a composer, he's a conceptual artist like The Beatles were. A fantastic songwriter, but he also has a concept of mixing classical and neoclassical types of harmonies. Everything I like in an art form is in yellow. This kind of mysterious, fun, extreme, mad melody is on this album [Electronica 1], which is really important. And Electric Light Orchestra thinks the same way.

When I think about that album, for me it has been a source of inspiration. But more than that, it also became a family album. When they were younger, my kids would play this all the time. It was the soundtrack for a particular period of my life. The album itself was linked to a sunny and dark mood. I was in Los Angeles as well at that time, producing and composing some French rock and pop music. Discovery was linked with a very interesting, audacious and quite interesting way of processing sounds. For me, Jeff Lynne is like a fifth Beatle. In fact, if The Beatles had continued, they probably would have made Electronic Light Orchestra-type music in the '70s. That's what I think.