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Arca Announces New Album
Christian Eede , October 15th, 2015 15:25

Producer announces details of his second full-length album with Mute; hear 'EN' from it below

Arca has announced the release of his second album with Mute following on from his debut full-length release last year. You can check out the video for ‘EN’ off the album above.

The album, entitled Mutant, is set for release on November 20 and again features artwork from long-time collaborator Jesse Kanda. The video above depicts a high-heeled Arca slow dancing among bricked walls. Mutant is billed as “outwardly emboldened” and “dedicated to and coloured by the important people in Arca’s life.

“Both releases are contortionist shape-shifters, but where Xen asked us to meet her in her world, Mutant comes out to meet us in the light. Mutant is suggestively agape, embracing multiple sensualities with refreshing softness. Jesse Kanda’s organic cover art, luminous where Xen’s was shrouded, is a reflection of this.” Arca says: “Mutant is about sensuality and impulsiveness as escape routes out of rigidity. Softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself.” The album is comprised of 20 tracks. ‘EN’ follows on from the previously released ‘Soichiro’ which also features on the new album.