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Baker's Dozen

Nicely Proposed, Coxy! Bradford Cox Of Deerhunter's Favourite LPs
Tristan Bath , October 15th, 2015 08:33

After we asked the Deerhunter and Atlas Sound man to pick his top LPs, Tristan Bath rang him in Atlanta and, over the course of a two-hour dog walk, had Bradford Cox talk through 13 albums of "accidents and starkness"


R.E.M. - Fables Of The Reconstruction
The essential art record about the South. I've talked to Michael [Stipe], and it's one of his least favourites for sure; a lot of the other band members hate it as well from what I understand. They didn't have a great time recording it. It was a bad winter, and they worked with that guy who did all the stuff with The Incredible String Band…?

Joe Boyd.

Yeah! I don't know how that went…But I don't know exactly what they're complaining for, 'cause I think it's a perfect album. From the opening weird guitar figure… 'Green Grow The Rushes' is one of my favourite songs of all time. I actually quote that song on the new album, in 'Living My Life'. I say: "The amber waves of grain are turned grey again." I called Michael up and said, "I quote you on the new record, just wanted you to know" and he said, "Oh yeah, which song? What's the line?" And I told him, "'Green Grow The Rushes' - I say, 'The amber waves of grain…'" and he's like, "No! It's: 'The amber waves of gain' - 'The amber waves of grain' is in the national anthem!" I don't know… but what a great image? The amber waves of grain…

It's a mixture of iconic images and lyrics, that guitar sound, the riffs - but they also tell this story. My absolute favourite is the last song, 'Wendell Gee', which I find to be the sonic equivalent of - I don't what you're supposed to call it now - outsider art? It reminds me of folk art, and the kind of things that Southern folk art was feeling. Wrapping a tree trunk in snakeproof chicken wire. There's something rural about it, but also something abstract, and minimal. Something stark. That song 'Wendell Gee' is to me, a pop rock song version of folk art.