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Baker's Dozen

Nicely Proposed, Coxy! Bradford Cox Of Deerhunter's Favourite LPs
Tristan Bath , October 15th, 2015 08:33

After we asked the Deerhunter and Atlas Sound man to pick his top LPs, Tristan Bath rang him in Atlanta and, over the course of a two-hour dog walk, had Bradford Cox talk through 13 albums of "accidents and starkness"


Broadcast - Tender Buttons
I wanted to put Haha Sound on here, because I think there's a lot of very beautiful songs on it, and in fact it may well be their masterpiece, but I put Tender Buttons, because it had a huge effect on me. There was this unfinished quality to it, that I learned from. And it's really what pushed me to actually start a band with Moses [Archuleta, Deerhunter drummer], to let Moses work on it in terms of getting us shows... because I'd never before in my life heard a music that sounded more like what I made by myself. They were using the same sort of cheap microphones that I was; they weren't trying to make this Guided By Voices lo-fi sound. Guided By Voices were making you know, Abbey Road on a fucking tape player, but I wanted to make Final Day by Young Marble Giants. It sounds like it exists within its means, and Tender Buttons very much has that sound. They recorded a lot of these songs in the first take, a lot of the music's being made up as they go along.... you can directly relate a lot of stuff I've done. Like 'Leather And Wood' on Fading Frontier is a demo I did. I recorded it at home, and then I tried re-recording it with real drums, and I tried with a $10,000 microphone and blah blah, but it was just never the same, so we ended up using that first version.