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Baker's Dozen

Songs Of Life: Leftfield's Favourite Albums
Dom Smith , October 13th, 2015 09:32

As he continues his UK dates in support of this year's Alternative Light Source, Leftfield's Neil Barnes takes us on a tour of some seminal albums that shaped his music, alongside a few current favourites


Mike Dehnert - Lichtbedingt
This is stuff that I rate particularly in terms of production. He's Berlin-based and it's a stunning house record, experimental, really, in many ways. It's got twisted vocals on it, computer-generated vocals, and it has a beautiful synth-based introduction. I like the madness of the production on this one. Again, these records for me are about the drums. I'm looking at them as records I can play because I still DJ a lot, so I like stuff like this. A lot of his records are tricky, but what I like about it is they're extreme, but it works as an album.

When I was putting this list together I was thinking of albums and it's more difficult with new records, because some of the records I get are tracks. You start to forget what the album is when you're looking at records like this, but this one is a complete record. It's a complete piece of work. It represents what Dehnert does. I've got loads of other tracks by him that I love, but this album is a good representation of more avant-garde house and techno. I play it a lot because when I put my sets together Dehnert is in there somewhere. I think when you listen to his other stuff, particularly [material written for] the dancefloor, it's more minimal, it has more space in it.