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GIVE! Daniel Patrick Quinn Kickstarter
Luke Turner , September 29th, 2015 11:52

Ends tomorrow! Cough up y'bollocks

We don't have to tell you again that at The Quietus we're massive fans of the unusual, otherworldly kosmische folk and "totalitarian ceilidh" of Daniel Patrick Quinn. This year's One More Grain album Grain Fever will no doubt be riding high in our 2015 best of (review here), just as we had a lot of time for 2014 solo LP Acting The Rubber Pig. Quinn operates completely outside even the most leftfield bit of the music industry, writing and recording in a cottage on the edge of the runway of Stornoway Airport, and releasing it without a label onto bandcamp. To fund his next record he's running a Kickstarter campaign and EGADS JUST GIVE THE MAN SOME CASH! You'd be joining The Quietus, Stewart Lee and Ian Rankin in continual banging on about this rare and wonderful artist. The Kickstarter page can be found here. Says Quinn, "new album to be recorded by the end of the year. Probably minimum 45 mins. It will have vocals on it. Title and all the rest you will find out later. All else is ballacks." There's a promo video for the Kickstarter above, it all ends tomorrow so go on, dig deep and give the man a few quid. "I hope that the average Medieval peasant might quite like the music," says Quinn in the odd video above. "There's no way of telling for sure but it'd be wonderful to get a Medieval peasant, play them the album, and see what the reaction is". You can read Daniel Patrick Quinn's Baker's Dozen, one of the best we've run, here.