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Baker's Dozen

Moulding Voices: Julia Holter's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , September 23rd, 2015 09:22

From a girl group compilation heard in childhood to more recently discovered singer-songwriters and jazz via a medieval mass, the LA composer talks Gary Kaill through some key albums in her record collection


Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
I only heard about Parallelograms when I was asked to participate in a show that was her first performance ever in 2008. I didn't know her music and I just went into it learning the song 'Delicious'. It was pretty different to hers. I met her and talked to her briefly and we stayed in touch. Then later she came over to my place and it turned out she was writing again. She's a full-time dental hygienist now and she doesn't have a lot of time so it was useful for her to have another musician to work with.

What I love about this record is the incredible arrangements - instruments are just there when you need them. They were done by Leonard Rosenman who's a pretty well known film composer. He was trying to become a producer and here you can hear what a delicate sensibility he has for timbre and tone. Linda had a huge role in that - I mean, she's not always delicate. But there is so much range and texture and dynamic. The songs are beautiful and the songs are incredible. Everything is done right, just so right, and done for the right reasons - for the love of music, clearly.