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Baker's Dozen

A Flash Of White Heat: John Stanier Of Battles' Favourite Albums
Kiran Acharya , September 17th, 2015 08:40

With Battles' new LP La Di Da Di out, the drummer with the highest cymbal in rock takes a journey through hardcore, hip-hop and baroque and reveals his 'never-leave-home-without-it security blanket record' for Kiran Acharya


François Couperin and Antoine Forqueray - Pièces de Violes
I had to include this because this is the Quietus. There has to be one really over-the-top pretentious record in here. I'm a total sucker for baroque. I can't help it. I guess it's my band-nerd background.

I remember buying the CD in Lisbon, Portugal in 2000 and not having any idea what it was. I was on tour with Tomahawk. It was this beautiful day, we climbed a hill to make it to this avant-garde classical record shop at the very top with this cool square and this really weird old guy working there. He recommended it. Now, it's always within reach.

I love it. It's relaxing, it's super intense. I don't even really know who these composers are, and I don't have their other records or anything. I think they're both French but Couperin is from a baroque dynasty; his father and uncle were famous composers. It's pretty crazy, but I really like it. It's the sound of floating. I've definitely fallen asleep to this many a time.