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Baker's Dozen

By Design: Jim Jones Of The Righteous Mind's Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , September 15th, 2015 13:23

Before they headline Walthamstow's Stow Festival this weekend, The Righteous Mind's leader gives Julian Marszalek an insight into "where my head is at right now" with a tour through his current top 13 albums


Foxygen - We Are The Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic
Our tour manager in America happened to be playing this on the bus. We were doing one of those drives and we were going through a polar vortex which is this weather condition where the weather from the North Pole comes down and gets trapped and you get these incredible blizzards and we were driving through Detroit and listening to various music and this came on and I was like, "Who's this?"

I heard a bunch of their other stuff but this album is what I like about what they do. There's a song called 'On Blue Mountain' where they do what Sly does on Fresh. He just starts freaking with his voice and on the track 'San Francisco' he's got this Françoise Hardy thing going on. I can hear The Velvet Underground on this and early Stones and elements of The Make-Up and a ton of stuff that I love. Pretty much every song on it is great. I know they're kind of a Pitchfork kind of band but for West Coast hipsters this is pretty good. It's got great songs, great playing and that sense that they're really fucking around but the end result and emotional content is fucking massive.