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Bizarre Distractions: An Uncle Acid Cinematic Baker's Dozen
Mat Colegate , September 21st, 2015 11:06

With their new LP The Night Creeper out now, Mat Colegate talks to Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats singer Kevin Starrs about the horror and exploitation films that feed into the band's rich world of imagery and music


In A Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray, 1950)

This is my favourite Humphrey Bogart film. I'm a huge Bogart fan. He plays this violent screenwriter who's suspected of murdering his neighbour. Again this is in black and white but there's an atmosphere that's quite unsettling. Bogart plays the part of this drunk screenwriter perfectly, it's like the part was made for him. The ending to this film is good, but there's a different ending that they shot which would have been so much better. I think they dropped it due to pressure from the studio. It's such a shame that they didn't go for the original ending. So it's worth watching and then going and reading up on.