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New Kanding Ray Album Announced
Christian Eede , September 8th, 2015 14:17

German label Raster-Noton will issue producer's fifth full length album

The next release from Raster-Noton will be a new album from Kangding Ray and you can check out a trailer for the album above.

Entitled Cory Arcane, it is the fifth album from the producer and follows his last full length release just last year. A message accompanying the album’s announcement explains the story somewhat behind the album’s name. “Cory Arcane found her comfort zone in a constant state of crisis, and her liberation through love, sensuality, and high-speed internet access,” it says. “As some might recall, she used to struggle with her own decay, navigating an intricate web of bureaucracy, endless social-media scrolling, 24-hour news channel feeds and marketed strategies of seduction.

“She bypassed the gender war and became an expert in advertising sabotage. Soon Cory would give academic courses on the true liberation of the mind, or, in her own words, the apotheosis of senses.

“Lately, she could be seen squatting in the outskirts of different giant metropolises, embracing the mayhem, contemplating the crumbling of a system. The sound of the city, mixed with the music on her headphones, would weave complex rhythms and futuristic textures into a beautifully coloured, pixellated surface. Looking out onto this fabulous chaos, she smiled.” The album is out on October 30 and you can check out another trailer for it below.