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Baker's Dozen

Sense Of Absurdity: Jonathan Higgs Of Everything Everything's Favourite Albums
Christopher Sanders , September 2nd, 2015 14:48

The Manchester indie band's frontman gives Christopher Sanders a tour of the formative records of his teenage years, and explains why they, along with Australia's longest-running soap opera, have made a lasting impression


K-Klass - Universal
This is quite a diverse one compared to the rest of them. I'm pretty sure it was my first introduction to dance music full stop. Somehow my brother ended up with it (he was four years older so a lot of stuff I like came through him). He came along with this album called K-Klass, and I didn't even know how to say it. When I first listened to it, I didn't understand how it was made or what it was or what I was listening to. It was really just early 90s standard dance music with house vocals.

I remember dancing to it with my sisters and my parents not really getting it. And so I thought, "Well if my parents don't get it, maybe this is the cool new thing!" I was only about 7, a chubby little kid dancing around to this stupid music. But it gave me a sense of something I had never felt, which was a sense of ownership of music. These sounds were truly new, my parents didn't have them and we did. It spurred me into more electronic music as a kid.