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Discogs Now Adds VAT
Christian Eede , September 1st, 2015 11:30

Online physical music marketplace adds VAT payments to all sales in Europe as a result of new rules introduced by the European Union

New laws introduced by the European Union now mean that Discogs sellers in Europe will have to pay VAT at their local rates on all items they sell through the site.

The added fee comes from an updated EU policy that extends VAT payments to third-party electronic services. As Discogs explains: “A seller in France will have 20% of the Discogs 8% sales fee added to their monthly invoice. That means a monthly invoice of sales fees (8% of all sales during the month) that totalled $10 USD would have a VAT of $2 added.” This also applies in the UK and many other European countries with a rate of 20% VAT. This rule is in effect as of today (September 1). For full details on the changes, click here.