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New Writing: Poetry By Emily Carney
Karl Smith , August 30th, 2015 16:41

New writing is back in the finest of transatlantic form this week, providing you with a single poem by Connecticut's own Emily Carney

abigail breslin

sometimes I think I am willing all bad fate. do you choose the right fortune cookie
or the left fortune cookie; I choose neither fortune cookie and suck your dick. I
wear hentai eyes, make the moons slim and purple, beat it up. the second best
person you have ever known expresses on facebook a deep-seated violence
towards you, your family, your clothes—and all this through an hd screenshot of
rihanna. you want to move back towards something slighter and know you can’t.
you want to become someone you saw once—blue lipstick, white peruvian shoes—
and feel at fault. I hate to watch the way this vhs player addresses me. I hate to
watch neat skips of you loving me simply because I was glib.

Emily Carney lives in Connecticut. She has been published in Poetry Magazine, Rookie Mag, Hobart, 3:AM, and Electric Cereal. Her debut poetry collection, Old & Young Porn, will be released from Electric Cereal in 2016.