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South And North Korea K-Pop Tiff
Christian Eede , August 26th, 2015 11:20

South Korea retaliates to North Korea's landmine attacks with broadcasts across the border including K-pop

Tensions between North and South Korea have again been mounting in recent weeks but not for the most obvious of reasons.

In an attempt to get one up on North Korea, the government of South Korea have reportedly resorted to the rather odd act of broadcasting K-pop across the border through giant loudspeakers. The country just gained an apology from the North after recent landmine attacks seriously injured two of their soldiers with the broadcasts across the border having apparently taken place over the last two weeks as part of South Korea’s ongoing anti-Pyongyang tactics.

After the apology, Seoul has now agreed to turn off the loudspeakers and cease the broadcasts. This isn’t the first time that the South has resorted to this tactic though the last time was 11 years ago. Anti-Pyongyang propaganda and weather reports have also formed part of the broadcasts which have been put to rest, for now at least, as of yesterday. Pyongyang did retaliate with their own speakers but reports suggests that the quality was too poor to be understood. Apparently among the K-pop selections played across the border by South Korea was the below number from Big Bang, entitled ‘Bang Bang Bang’.