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Baker's Dozen

Something Searing: Yannis Philippakis Of Foals' Favourite Albums
Lisa Lavery , August 26th, 2015 09:56

Before the release of new album What Went Down, the Foals frontman gives Lisa Lavery his top 13 LPs, all records united by "people's voices that connect directly", moving through Arthur Russell, Pixies and Howlin' Wolf


Howlin' Wolf - The Definitive Collection
Another childhood record that my mum was into. It permeated the house when she was cooking. There's something about childhood records that are private - there's not necessarily a logical connection, but he's someone I've come to admire more and more the older I get. His voice is so guttural and there's no veneer on it, it connects directly to the core. I never get tired of it. I feel like I'm going to love his music forever.