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Tapestry Traverse: Tom Furse Of The Horrors' Favourite Exotica Albums
Jack Mckeever , August 20th, 2015 14:29

Before The Horrors' keyboards man launches his new compilation of exotica and library music from the Southern Library of Recorded Music tonight, he takes us on a tour of some of the guiding lights behind Digs


Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus - Like Bongos!
This is one of those records that came out when the term 'hi-fi' started being used, and people would make records to show off how well they could record stuff and the kind of tricks that could be exploited on some stereo systems at home, and you know, most of it is shit - just distinctly average records. They have the strings over on one side and the drums over on one side and they have a voiceover that says, like, "Check out the new world of stereo sound". And I was really surprised because this one is just a fucking great record, and it was definitely one of the records that pricked up my ears when I started listening to the Southern stuff. It's got that exotic feel but it's got something else in it too. It's got 'Taboo' on it and any record with 'Taboo' on it I've bought, because it's one of my all-time favourite songs, and I've actually been meaning to do my own version of it. But like I said, a lot of those records are just a bit crap, and this one just happens to be a really great one. That whole aesthetic of feeling like you can explore a song in different ways and just do it as more of a crazy style, I think that's pretty awesome.