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Baker's Dozen

Tapestry Traverse: Tom Furse Of The Horrors' Favourite Exotica Albums
Jack Mckeever , August 20th, 2015 14:29

Before The Horrors' keyboards man launches his new compilation of exotica and library music from the Southern Library of Recorded Music tonight, he takes us on a tour of some of the guiding lights behind Digs


Mindbender - Stringtronics
When you first start to check out library music this is the sort of thing you'll come across first, because it has that accolade as one of the most sought after library records. It's been sampled to death; people just know the tracks. When I first got asked to do this compilation, that's the sort of stuff I was expecting to find, like these sample-friendly, breakbeat big productions, but in reality what I found was totally different, despite the fact that a lot of these composers were the same. Nino Nardini was still on Stringtronics and there was a whole bunch of other composers, and I was like, "Okay, I've heard these names before", so I was quite surprised when what I heard was this much more breezy, exotic sound than something you would usually hear on the Peer label, which was the label that Stringtronics came out on.