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Baker's Dozen

Tapestry Traverse: Tom Furse Of The Horrors' Favourite Exotica Albums
Jack Mckeever , August 20th, 2015 14:29

Before The Horrors' keyboards man launches his new compilation of exotica and library music from the Southern Library of Recorded Music tonight, he takes us on a tour of some of the guiding lights behind Digs


The Atlantics - Bombora
There's a surf aspect to the compilation as well, which I guess I haven't touched on as much. It's still coming in through that Cramps gateway. That was another big part of the sound, because they were basically rewriting rock & roll hits or rock & roll rarities to fit their thing, and I think the surf sound was a really big part of that. This is like a really hard surf record, it's not soft. Because of Quentin Tarantino, the surf sound has got quite a cool reputation, and has become associated with quite cool imagery, but at the time it was what the lame kids played. If you were cool, you didn't play surf, you played jazz, or R&B. This was for, like, all the fat kids [laughs]! But something about this record is just heavy. The riffs are heavy, the rhythms are pretty heavy and the production is still pretty far out, and I think that's something that runs throughout these choices, the production has to be interesting.