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New Poetry By: Harrison Christian
Karl Smith , August 9th, 2015 03:04

This week's new writing on The Quietus comes to you cross-continentally from New Zealand in the guise of a poems by Harrison Christian

another love poem

i love you like the radioactive wolves of chernobyl
or an orgy of salmon
in the booming pacific,
i love you like the croaking pines


i love you like i am
a tiny crab
inside a cooked mussel,
i love you like the backward rivers of babylon


i love you like jay z
or a stinking
i love you like the temples of malta


i love you like a tumble dryer
where i am turning with wet sheets
and loose change,
i love you like the the elegant wolves of milan

Harrison Christian was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1990. He is a journalist, writer, columnist and poet. His writing has appeared in Remix, Metro and the New Zealand Herald. He edits a free online art space here and is currently based in Hawke's Bay