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The Quietus , August 10th, 2015 14:04

Magnificent shots of Sly & The Family Drone, Chrononautz and Hirvikolari last week by Samantha Platten

Last Monday The Quietus took over Cafe Oto to smash a bottle of home-brew limoncello over the bows of Chrononautz' Noments record which we've just released on The Quietus Phonographic Corporation. Hirvikolari opened stuff up with their brilliant modular synth vs brass wanderings down a coal mine and cave system and Chrononautz' all-live set brought inappropriate OOOF to a Monday evening. While there's a lot of rather boring Industrial Techno (TM) around that applies Serious European Aesthetics to dull four four, Chrononautz live is snide, hectic, plant food, chaotic. Make sure you catch Chrononautz at Plex BleeD Them this autumn. Finally Sly & The Family Drone set up in a circle in the middle of the room to unleash their slowly building de-bleaking righteous and joyous noise, and were joined by a bunch of brass players who'd been secreted around the venue for a finale that made our heads fall off. "I've ended up with a dent in my forehead after headbanging so hard I headbutted a speaker stack," says our John Doran. "After helping a near naked Matt Cargill up the very same teetering speaker stack I nearly got more than I bargained for after nearly grabbing on to Matt's "handle" instead of that belonging to the cabinet.... friend of tQ Natalie Sharp ended up with whiplash meaning she has been unable to nod for a week..." You can see the full set of Samantha Platten's photos by clicking the image below: