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Spool's Out Radio Show Tonight
Christian Eede , July 27th, 2015 16:44

tQ's Tristan Bath returns to Resonance FM tonight for latest 'Spool's Out' radio show

tQ’s resident tape expert Tristan Bath is stepping up for the latest edition of his weekly ‘Spool’s Out’ radio show on Resonance FM tonight for an hour of music taken from tapes released around the world.

Tonight on the show, Timothy Cooper of new tape label Pirate Modernity joins Tristan in the studio to discuss the cassette tape cultures of Pakistan and Afghanistan, which are still thriving. You can head here for more info on the show which goes live from 10.30 - 11.30pm tonight. Following that, the latest edition of Tristan’s ‘Spool’s Out’ column for us will be live on the site tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.