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Snoop Dogg Vows Not To Return To Sweden
Christian Eede , July 27th, 2015 10:34

Rapper accuses Swedish police of racial profiling after he was pulled over for suspected drug use

Snoop Dogg has accused Swedish police of racial profiling in a series of Instagram videos after he was pulled over this weekend in the country on suspicion of using drugs.

Snoop was taken to a police station to provide a urine sample after being pulled over following a show on Saturday night, and in one video says he will never return to the country after the incident. “Sorry to all the fans in Sweden, I’ll never be back in this country,” he says in one video. “You can blame your police chief and the people who run your police department. Profiling, racial profiling, that’s what this is.”

Snoop was previously arrested in Norway in 2012 and banned from entering the country for two years after he was found in possession of a large amount of weed and money. It is illegal to both use and possess the drug in Sweden and police are allowed to request a urine test from anyone that they suspect of being under the influence.

“Police carrying out roadside controls noticed that Snoop Dogg, whose car was pulled over, seemed to be under the influence of narcotics,” said Daniel Nilsson, police spokesman for the central Upssala region. “He was arrested and taken to the police station to take a urine test. The incident lasted several minutes. Once the test was carried out he left.” Snoop also accompanied the series of videos with a post depicting brutality at the hands of American police, writing "I didn't make this up im jus sick n tired of seeing it." You can watch two of Snoop’s videos on the incident below.

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on