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Doubt Over Swans' Future
Christian Eede , July 23rd, 2015 11:45

Michael Gira writes Facebook post assessing Swans' future

Michael Gira has penned a Facebook post casting doubt over the future of Swans while also confirming that work will begin shortly on the next Swans album.

"This will be the final Swans album (and subsequent tour) for this version / iteration of Swans. Not really sure what the next step will be after that, but that's perhaps a good thing," says Gira. The decision comes after 14 months of extensive touring of last album To Be Kind. Gira also writes: "It has been a privilege to be inside the sound that on some nights seems to create itself of its own accord, and it's gratifying that many of you have conveyed to us that it's been a positive experience for you too." Gira says that Swans in their current form will begin work on their next studio album on September 1 after a break post-tour while there will also soon be a live album, called The Gate - the money from sales of that will contribute to the finances of producing the next album "which is bound to be an insatiable beast". Read the post in full here.