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Baker's Dozen

No Reconciliation Necessary: Doug McCombs' Favourite LPs
Nick Hutchings , July 16th, 2015 13:36

With the prolific bassist and guitarist and Tortoise and Brokeback founder about to release a new album, Works For Tomorrow, with Eleventh Dream Day, he gives Nick Hutchings a tour of his most seminal records


Crime & The City Solution - Room Of Lights
I become aware of Crime & The City Solution when I was working in the record store. I guess there're a few reasons I chose this over Nick Cave. I had heard that Simon Bonney's original version of this band had influenced the Boys Next Door before they even left Australia. And there's Cave himself, whose personality always tends to eclipse the people he's working with.

This record is hazy and strange but it's right up there with the best Birthday Party/Bad Seeds. I guess the main reason I chose it is because of the guitars. This is the apex of Rowland Howard and Mick Harvey as a guitar duo. Sonic Youth - Sister came out maybe a year later and at that time there was no better guitar playing being played than Howard/Harvey and Ranaldo/Moore.