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Gnaw Their Tongues New LP Announced
John Doran , July 15th, 2015 20:08

Some people call him the space cowboy; some people call him the gangster of love; his mum calls him Mories but we know him as Gnaw Their fucking Tongues

Terrible, terrible bastards Gnaw Their Tongues are back with their first new LP in three years, Abyss Of Longing Throats, to be released via Crucial Blast on August 7.

We're not going to describe what Gnaw Their Tongues - aka Mories, of Aderlating, Cloak Of Altering, De Magia Veterum and Seirom - sound like if you've never heard them before. We're simply going to let the track-listing speak for itself:

  1. Lick The Poison From The Cave Walls
  2. Through Flesh
  3. Abyss Of Longing Throats
  4. From The Black Mouth Of Spite
  5. The Holy Body
  6. And They Will Be Cast Out Into Utter Darkness
  7. Up Into The Heavens Down Into The Circles Of Hell

We were hoping to see the track 'Grostulating Anal Fissure Unleashes Fanged Serpent Of Nihil' make an appearance but you can't have everything I guess.

Decibel have an exclusive play of Through Flesh here - rend your ears to chum.