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Andrew Weatherall Subscription Label
Christian Eede , July 14th, 2015 10:45

DJ and producer will launch the new label in September

Andrew Weatherall is set to launch a new label with a difference in September, having previously hinted at it in his Resident Advisor mix last month. The label, called Moine Dubh, will, according to those comments to RA, only issue vinyl releases with no plans for digital output. It is set to be launched as a subscription service focusing on emergent pop and folk music. The text accompanying the announcement of the new label makes for rather interesting reading. Weatherall says: "Somewhere within an area bounded by Zola's residence in exile, Pissarro's paint pots, Marconi's mistakenly Martian message receiver and the site of a Spurgeon sermon lies a tract of boggy ground of which not even ardent foragers are aware. It was whilst digging for peat on this land that my spade struck the metal box. A box buried in the rich dark layer. A box buried in the moine dubh. On retrieving and opening what looked like an ammo tin I found it to be full of quarter inch magnetic tape. Tapes full of invocation, evocation and magick. Tapes full of music now committed to vinyl. Spells etched into totemic objects available from Moine Dubh Records."

There's no word as yet on the specific acts featured on the label's releases but you can get to the label's online store here to pre-order a collection of five 7" singles which form the label's inaugural release and will be released on September 1. Listen to the recent launch event for the label, held at The House Of St. Barnabas in London, below: