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Baker's Dozen

Playing The (Baker's) Dozens: George Clinton's Favourite Albums
Suzie McCracken , July 9th, 2015 13:12

With the funk kingpin and founder of Parliament and Funkadelic taking his bands on a festival tour this summer, Suzie McCracken caught up with him to find out about the 13 records that have stuck with him through his lifetime


Sly And The Family Stone - Fresh
When I first thought about this list, I had Fresh and Riot as one record. I had to seperate them to get 13 total, but Fresh and Riot... I can't even tell which one has which song on, 'cause I played them like that. I like all the Sly stuff, but that just rounded it off. That was his peak to me - those two records. And Woodstock. It was like: "Okay, he's the one I'll be listening to for the rest of my life." And on my new record [Funkadelic's 2014 album First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate] he's on five cuts. I just put out a record with 33 songs on it and he's on five of them. So that's how much he and his music is important to me.