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Let's Drift: John Maclean's Cinematic Baker's Dozen
Mat Colegate , July 3rd, 2015 06:51

As his debut feature Slow West hits the cinemas, John Maclean - former Beta Band member turned director - takes time out to reveal his 13 favourite films to The Quietus


Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Steven Spielberg, 1981)

I always watched it on TV at Christmas and always saw it as a fun film. It wasn't until the last year or two that I watched it again with a cinematic eye and then started realising the genius of where Spielberg put the camera or the editing. It's quite an experimental film as well, really. There are long single takes and in-camera editing and split focus. You see it in a whole new light. That was a revelation to me. It does the joint thing of being a ripping yarn while also being incredibly well made.