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Baker's Dozen

Coherent Sound Waves: Lorenzo Senni's Favourite Albums
The Quietus , June 25th, 2015 10:18

The trance pointillist condenses his musical biography into 13 all-time favourite albums in our latest artist-penned Baker's Dozen


Hecker - Sun Pandämonium
I remember listening to this, on headphones, before going to sleep and trying to catch every sonic detail. It's Hecker's masterpiece, but not his only important release, of course, it's just that maybe this is the most 'musical' one of all his early works. Digital abstraction, composition and extreme computer music at its best, released on CD [on Mego] in 2003 and reissued on vinyl by PAN in 2011.

I chose this record because it also represents a very specific part of my life, the one where I spent almost all of my nights at the computer, programming and studying digital sound synthesis softwares. Rather than making music, I was making patches and then experimenting around their possibilities to see what I could achieve.