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Baker's Dozen

Coherent Sound Waves: Lorenzo Senni's Favourite Albums
The Quietus , June 25th, 2015 10:18

The trance pointillist condenses his musical biography into 13 all-time favourite albums in our latest artist-penned Baker's Dozen

"Hanging out with straight-edge guys during the week and going out with gabbers and hardcore warriors at the weekends is how you do it if you grow up outside of the big cities," says Lorenzo Senni. From playing in bands during his youth in Italy, to gradually getting sucked into the world of Max/MSP and studying musicology, Senni's musical world has been fascinatingly complex. The champion of pointillist trance and master of the Supersaw, Senni has become one of the leaders of dance deconstruction, a sort of clinical decomposition of dance music that in his interpretation, is cerebral and sensual at the same time. His Early Works album was released on KESH Recordings in 2008, followed by Dunno on his own label, the well-received Quantum Jelly on Editions Mego and last year's Superimpositions on Boomkat Editions, which cemented his status as the neo-T godfather. Then, there's Stargate, his dreamy synthwave alias with some of the "longest build-ups ever", with a 12", 'Hexplore Superfluidity', released on Hundebiss, a label based in Senni's home of Milan.

His approach to music stems from being an avid music fan, processing both form and content. "My closest friends surely know that, musically, my goal has always been to make a release as consistent as Endless Summer," he praises Fennesz' seminal work. The respect for other people's work is implicit in the curation of his label Presto!? Records, whose catalogue includes releases from the likes of Lawrence English, Lasse Marhaug, Florian Hecker and DJ Stingray.

This is his journey through sound that has accompanied him over the years.

Introduction and editing by Lucia Udvardyova.

Superimpositions is out now on Boomkat Editions. Lorenzo Senni is part of SHAPE, a programme by the European members of the ICAS network for emerging artists. As part of the project, he will perform at the following festivals: TodaysArt (September 25, The Hague, Netherlands), Musikprotokoll (October 8, Graz, Austria), Maintenant (October 16, Rennes, France), Biennale Nemo (end of October, Paris, France) and more yet to be announced. He is also rumoured to be performing at the Toulouse edition of Les Siestes Electroniques this Saturday, June 27. For full details, head to SHAPE's website, while Presto!?'s site is here. Click on his image below to begin scrolling through Lorenzo's choices, which run in no particular order