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LISTEN: Hauschka Live Improvisation
Christian Eede , June 16th, 2015 11:43

German composer shares one of two improvisational pieces from his forthcoming live album; listen below

On Monday, City Slang release a live album from Hauschka capturing two improvisational pieces that were recorded in Japan and very loosely based on the producer’s last album, Abandoned City. Streaming above from the album is the first piece, ‘Part 1’.

The piece, sitting at 22 minutes, weaves together various strands of percussion around a concert piano which was in the middle of the room in which the live album was recorded. It all took place in a small town on the Japanese island of Kyushu, in a modern museum called Artegio. Clipping 12 microphones to the piano and adding various other pieces of equipment, the assembled crew spontaneously decided to record the pieces using a mixing desk with a built-in recording option in the museum. “When my sound engineer Michael Buchholz and I listened to the recording for the first time, we immediately realised how special it was both musically and sound-wise, and it was then when I decided to make this recording available for everyone,” says Hauschka. The live album, entitled 2.11.14 is out on Monday (June 22) in a limited edition vinyl LP format as well as a digital download. You can pre-order it here.