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Baker's Dozen

A Controlling Cacophony: Dan Deacon's Favourite Albums
Dom Smith , June 9th, 2015 09:28

With his fourth album Gliss Riffer released earlier this year and a European tour just started, the Baltimore electronics wizard tells Dom Smith what the gems in his record collection have given to his own musical creations


Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood soundtrack
I think it's amazing to be someone who gets to write music for film, because you get to write music you would never write for yourself or your band and you're forced to write within the universe of the film. It has to make sense within the visuals and the stories. When I'm writing music and when anyone is, they're writing it just to exist within the framework of just themselves so when I heard this score I was like, not only are they amazing pieces of music, they were just so masterfully paired with the image. I really like when people make nature look ominous and foreboding and horrifying because it is and can be. It made me think about context and writing outside of my comfort zone. I don't even think I've done it yet, but to apply the music that I love into the music that I make - not that I don't do that - but sometimes I feel like the music that I make is a selective representation of what I really love.